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    Themes can range from scary to fantastical....from historic to futuristic.

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  • Fantastical OR Futuristic!!!

    They can be completely automated or actor-oriented.

  • Fully Automated or Actor Based!!!

    From 1,000 square feet or up to 30,000!

Walk-Thru Attractions

Walk-Through Adventures are a perfect choice for educational attractions as well as fun houses and haunted attractions.
They can be completely automated or actor-oriented.
In addition, they can be designed to be permanent or modular attractions.

When Sun Asia Ocean World in Dalian, China decided to expand, they realized that they needed something to serve as a transition between two key entertainment zones.
The solution was a walk-thru attraction called Jaws Encounter!
Entering through the side of a moving ship, the guests journey through a heavily themed que of the inside of the boat…ending up at the Captains Quarters for the interactive shark show.
Easy, right? Well, there was one additional challenge. This attraction had to be able to accommodate up to 2,000 people per hour!
The solution was to create two identical but mirrored Captain’s Quarters that increased the thru-put capacity to meet the client’s goals.

The Butterfly Palace is a beautiful building perched on a hill overlooking historic Branson, Missouri.
Home to thousands of butterflies, this unique attraction is both fun and educational.
When they decided to remove their 3D theatre, they decided they wanted to add something more interactive. The solution was the Banyan Tree Adventure.
Their web site says it best…”The Bungee Adventure located on the second floor of The Butterfly Palace is a favorite of all our guests from the oldest to the youngest. The maze is modeled after the Banyan Tree which grows in the rainforest. The tangled web of rope “vines” that hang from the ceiling to the floor simulates the roots of the Banyan Tree. As explorers weave their way through this unique adventure they will encounter many obstacles.

Don’t give up as you navigate your way around rocks, fallen pillars and hundreds of vines stretched from floor to ceiling at various angles. Don’t miss the Bungee Adventure during your rainforest experience. Guests spend as much time as they like in there and the majority of our brave adventurers come out with lots of laughter and a smile!”