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    And the Wild West Adventure was born...

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Motion Simulators

There was a time when motion simulators were expensive and hard to maintain...but not anymore!
Our proprietary motion control system is cost effective, durable, and easy to maintain.
Whether you need a 4D Movie Theater with moving seats...or a self-contained motion simulator ride, our motion control system will handle all your demands.

We can create a turn-key package or supply you with one of our motion simulator kits, allowing you to create your own system, saving money.

Every application is unique, but here are a few examples to give you an idea of what is possible.

The Crab Pot Restaurant…
Located in a restaurant that use to be a hangout for the Rat Pack, this fun seafood restaurant wanted to add a feature unlike any other. They wanted the guests to experience dining in a whole new way…on the open ocean. Of course, being hundreds of miles from the coast made this difficult, so we provided them with a solution…the Danger Room.
This fully themed motion simulator allowed guests to experience taking a crab boat out in Alaska while feasting on seafood and libations.

The floor gently rocked as the panoramic view allowed the guests to take in the view of the Alaskan fishing village and ocean. The show was topped off with an animatronic captain that narrated the story as the guests enjoyed the adventure and food!

Wild West Adventure…
If you are going to entice guest to share the adventure, it starts the moment they lay their eyes on the ride. They need to want to give you money. They need to want to get in line. So, we developed a motion simulator that is themed inside and out. In addition, it had to be stand-alone so that it fit where needed. On top of all that, we wanted this to be something the whole family could enjoy.
And the Wild West Adventure was born...
The guests climb on board the covered wagon and the adventure begins as the story unfolds on the screen in the back of the wagon…the wagon bouncing around as you race to escape the bandits following you. And of course, we can always make a custom simulator to exactly fit your needs.