• So, what is a Micro-Haunt?

    1000 square feet of HAUNTED space.

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So, what is a Micro-Haunt?
Basically, it is a Haunted Attraction that utilizes less than 1000 square feet of space. (much less than a traditional Haunted Attraction)

Who needs something like this??
Any amusement venue that wants to add the element of a Haunted Attraction, but doesn’t have the space or budget. FEC’s, casinos, zoos, aquariums, schools, shopping malls and museums are all perfect candidates for this type of attraction.

Do you have an unused party room, or space in the back of the building that isn’t being used? Put in a Micro-Haunt!

This can be used as a value-added feature or as an upcharge attraction.

Using a rough floor plan of your available space, we can mock up a concept showing what can be done for you.