• The Moon…
    For the Moonrise Hotel, that little slice of awesomeness!
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  • Giant Dragon!
    We think big... REALLY BIG!!!
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Event Eye Candy

Sometimes you need a special creation to take an event or attraction over the top.

The Moon…
For the Moonrise Hotel, that little slice of awesomeness came in the form of a giant rotating moon, proudly perched on the top of the building. The brain-child of Saint Louis legend, Joe Edwards, the Moonrise Hotel immediately became a new Saint Louis landmark and a new gem for the already famous University City ‘Loop.’ Hands down, this was the single most important element of this project. For the last five years, that moon has been slowly shifting back and forth from the dark side to the light side and more importantly, it has easily paid for itself in free publicity!

The Dragon & Sentinels…
To compete with an industry giant like ComicCon, you had better start big...really big.  This was the philosophy of Josh, the founder of FantasyCon.  He wanted to offer his guests an amazing, mind-blowing experience, unlike that of any convention to date. 
He wanted to make a statement, so we developed two giant sentinel statues for guests to pass between as they enter.  Standing twenty-eight feet tall, these were not just props. They had size and scale you don't normally find in a temporary display…and set the tone for what was to come.
And what was to come was even more amazing...a giant three story tall, 65 feet wide, smoke breathing dragon…the mascot of FantasyCon!
Also, failure was not an option.  You see, Josh had promised kids from the Make a Wish Foundation that they could meet a giant dragon the night before the convention started, and we had no intention of letting them down.
In a feat of engineering and teamwork, everything was ready on time for the grand unveiling.  Seeing those kids’ faces when the curtain dropped made all the effort worth it!

The Gargoyles…
By day, Eastern State Penitentiary is a historic site that once housed the likes of Al Capone. In September and October though, it converts to Terror Behind The Walls, a collection of amazing haunted attractions, housed inside the prison.
This annual event is a Philadelphia tradition that is kicked off by the 'raising of the gargoyles.' Two huge gargoyles, measuring over twelve feet tall each, are hoisted to the top of the prison walls to perch over the entrance.
They have proven to be so popular, that they have spawned plush dolls and a local following that has been growing for over a decade.  After all these years, the media still covers the raising event and the gargoyles continue to do their other job, keeping watch over the penitentiary.