• Interactive Dark Rides!!

    Every dark ride is unique, with its own specific needs...

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  • Interactive Dark Rides!!

    We can provide several types of dark rides,

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  • Immersive Environments!!!

    We work with you to create the perfect attraction...something you and your guests will love.

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  • Interactive Dark Rides !!

    No longer are the riders just passive observers...

Getting Started

So, the big question is....Where do I start?
Some people come to us with a clearly defined concept, while others are not sure where to start.
Either way, we will guide you through the process, making sure everything you want is achieved.
Typically, the process will go like this…

1. We start by discussing your objectives, requirements, ideas, budget, restrictions and identify what additional information we would need from you.
2. Once we understand what you want to achieve, we will put together a proposal.
3. With the budget, theming and details set, we make things official with a Production Agreement.
4. The next step is to design this fantasy world we dreamed up. The Design Phase involves creating conceptual artwork and AutoCad production files for every aspect of the attraction.
5. You will receive progress reports as well as approval sign-offs on the various artwork.
6. At the conclusion of the design phase, we can lock the budget, preventing cost over-runs.
7. With the design complete, we begin the build process.
8. As each piece of equipment is completed, it is stress-tested. All animatronic characters are tested for several days before being considered complete.
9. As with the design phase, we will provide regular progress reports on the build process.
10. If needed, we will fully set up the attraction in our shop.
11. Once the attraction is complete, we will pack and ship it to your location.
12. With the equipment on-site, we will come out and help set up your new attraction. 13. If needed, we will make a return visit within a month to check the show and make sure everything is working properly.

At any time during the process, you are welcome to visit our shop and see how your attraction is progressing.